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Saturday, May 06, 2006

From "Next" to "Now"

My "next on the agenda" is now a current work in progress! Front finished and back half done. I am hoping it will not be too short, as I'm a little old to have my tummy flapping about for all to see! But as it is so wide and square it's difficult to work out exactly where it's all going to hang!!!!

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day, and so OH and I poodled off to Worthing to buy fish off the beach. There are a number of independent fisherman with little boats who sell the days catch off the beach there. We bought two plaice (£3.70!) and two sole (£11). One of the soles was huge so that was dinner last night. Have to say it didn't warrant the extra money - although that could have been down to the way we cooked it. Usually buying fish that fresh we just grill it as it doesn't need any help! - But the sole stayed a bit rubbery despite being cooked through. Would maybe have been better steamed - but we were hungry and wanted quick results!!!!! - If anyone has a good recipe for the other one????

Today is also a lovely day, which is great as I love a bit of sun - but it's not getting my front room decorated! I am so easily distracted into sitting in the garden with my knitting!!!! I will get on with it this weekend though as I have promised myself a weekend of spinning and dyeing my fleeces only when I have finished the decorating! (even if it is Spetember!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Selling stuff (again)

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Dear sister has inspired me to get a bread-maker (her home made bread last week was really good).  However funds are low!!  So time to sell a few bits on eBay, everyone's favourite clear up site!  I'm selling some eyelash yarn (shown above), a dog crate that is too small, a mobile phone that I've upgraded and a crochet hook!!!!  Hopefully the phone will be the thing to tip the balance, and it should at least get me a fair way towards the bread-maker.  Other things will follow, so if anyone needs anything I might have..........


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mid-week cleanup

It is a fabulous day today. Beautiful sunshine, and not too hot that you can't be bothered to do anything. So it's been a day of catching up with chores.

First was to take dog for a long walk and then go to Sainsburys. Both tasks had been left since I got home from sister's as it was a bank holiday weekend and both the common and Sainsburys were places to be avoided!! So today both were tackled. Spot was a good girl, possibly just to lull me into a false sense of security as I thought she'd be a bit flighty after a week in the kennels, but no she proved me wrong and earned herself a treat and a new box of bonios from Sainsburys!! - Supermarket wasn't too much hassle either - in fact very quiet!! - Just the way I like it! Have had to have a go at dear sister though as I came out with a packet of dark chocolate caramel wafers and a box of jaffa cakes!! - I never buy biscuits as I have a habit of opening a box then looking down a the empty wrapper wondering "How did that happen". But sister had them at hers last week and I got the taste! She has been chastised!!!!! I have also been good and put all the shopping away - cleaned the fridge, washed the worktops, and thrown away all the out of date crud from the cupboards!!!!

So now, my friends, it's time for a cuppa and a jaffa cake!!! - YAY!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bonnie Scotland

Well, I have just spent the best week with my sis and her family. We drove up to Scotland on Tuesday, arriving late in the evening. She has not long moved into a new house which obviously I had to go and have a nose around! The pictures are the view from the front of her house - a view which once seen is hard to drag yourself away from. I can see why they put the conservatory on the front!!!!! Over the week we saw dolphins and seals, (hasten to add those links are not my photos just the type of thing we were seeing!) and loads of different sea birds 2 3. OH has the most amazing eyesight (of which I am intensely jealous) and is able to pick out wildlife from any landscape setting, if it's there he'll find it!!!! I have to say that I believe this to be one of the most beautiful bits of water in the British Isles. The water is clear, even way out deep you can easily see down, and there is so much wildlife - many an hour can be wasted spent, with binoculars to eyes watching for signs of movement in the water.

We also spent an afternoon walking round a fairly local loch, and saw geese and several varieties of duck (name of loch escapes me, but sure kind sister will add it in the comments!)

Little nephew was, as always, an angel. Although I have been singing three lines from "everybody wants to be a cat" for the last three days (memo to sister: please teach little man more words!!!!). You know when you go to bed and something is just going round and round in your head!!!! We played lots of hiding, and read loads of stories, and did plenty of singing and generally being daft (nothing new there then!)

On the final day, we went over to the Isle of Bute jazz festival. Just for one gig - Gentleman Jim's Party!! It's always a great couple of hours and I find some of the best music of the weekend. It's pretty much a slightly organised jam session, with some comedy and general mayhem!!!! Pictures above show musicians dressed for a performance of swan lake (Oh yes really!), and the second is Sky Murphy (of the TJ Johnson band) rocking and rolling with Gentleman Jim himself (of the Phil Mason Band) to You Never can Tell by Chuck Berry (which Sky was singing)

We left there and drove home that afternoon, as always it's a huge wrench leaving the family, and maybe even more so for the fabulous setting of their new home. To see a two year old already knowing the difference between robin red breast, blackbirds, and sea gulls is quite something, and I am sure given the location, he will soon be pointing out the dolphins and seals to his mum!!!!!