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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've been naughty

I've had SEX at Angel Yarns today (SEX - for you non-knitters is stash enhancement excursions)

Look what I did!!!!

The Noro Iro is for a cardigan (potentially with a zip - or maybe just never quite finished as I have a zip phobia! - sure this will spur me on though!) The stripey ball in the front is for boot socks (it's thick and soft and lovely) The green on the right is Bergere de France Berlaine, which is machine washable 100% wool (yes really!) However, it is knit on 3.5mm needles which is tiny and for which I would have no patience at all (it'd take months to knit!) so I have just got one ball to have a play with and try some tension squares with two strands to see if I can do something with it that way!. . . . . And all this is for ME!!!!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Family Tree and Christmas Knitting

Anyone wanting "in progress" knitting pics is going to go a bit short now, as I have started the dreaded Christmas presents, and as some - if not all - recipients read my blog, I can't post any photies! - ahhhh!! I dare say I will be knitting stuff for me in between, so there will be the odd picture here and there, but other than that you will have to make do with gratuitous pictures of my pooch!!!!

Other than knitting I have been updating the family tree again! For those of you that are not members of my family, (that would actually be most of you I think!) I am the Keeper of the Young Family Tree. When I say "Young" that isn't the eighth of it!!!! LOL I go back four generations and off in all directions from both Mum and Dad's side, so it's a pretty busy tree. I am also in regular contact with Mum and Dad's cousins (and their children and grandchildren!) from all sides as well as obviously my own cousins - so it is HUGE! (Around 450 individuals!), so when I get around to updating it, it takes a while!!! I have found that the newest version of Family Tree Maker is linked in with the site which has searches available for 1841 through 1901 censuses, plus indexes of births marriages and deaths from 1837 pretty much up to date, as well as a few other parish records etc. So when you load your family tree in, it automatically searches for any appropriate records. How easy is that?! Obviously you have to pay to have access to the records if you want to actually look at the scans of census images and stuff, but just to know it's there is great and has started me on even longer sessions of generation finding!