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Friday, September 15, 2006


Did anyone see the moon last night?? It was really orange and BEWTIFULL! We always called it a harvest moon at home - don't know if that's a proper term or one we cobbled from the colour and time of year, but it's certainly here now! Couldn't get a photo 'cos it was behind some trees and a building, and too small to capture anyway I think, but look out for it 'cos it's a stunner!!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The aforementioned sock

Isn't is lovely! It's proper thick - made in Trendsetter Stripe on 4.5mm DPN's (This colour is harvest). I changed the pattern a bit, 'coz it was silly! and made short row heels and a normal easy toe. The heel isn't great as the chunky yarn makes it look like there are holes on the short rows that there aren't! But the pattern went for a "Dec 1 at beg of each row (x times), the pick up 1 at beg of each row (x times)" and that was much worse for the whole hole scenario.

BTW if anyone is wondering - you can get a pair out of just one ball. I have half the foot to do on the second but there'll be plenty, so you don't need 2 like the pattern says (which at £10.50 /ball is a blessing!)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Autumn here I come

OK so when I said I was only doing Christmas Knitting . . . . . . I Lied!!!!!!

This is my current project....... (sorry about the flash but it's dark already!)

Here is my first attempt at the body, which I think is going to be undone!! The reason being that I decided in my wisdom to knit it all in one piece, left front/back/right front, so that I wouldn't have to seam the sides (lazy....... Me?? ..... never!!) BUT, I think the stripes are coming out too narrow and losing their subtlety (not that there is much subtle about these colours!), but as you can see from the narrower sleeve knitted below the colours do blend into each other a little more gently in wider blocks.

What do you think (again apologies for the flash!)

I also have one and a half boot socks done - photos probably tomorrow! And have weeded a flower bed, walked the dog loads, cut my grass, and generally got into the swing of things again. I am now waiting for a chicken leg to roast, whilst putting bread on to be ready in the morning, and catching up on some blogging which my dear sister has pointed out has been neglected! - That's because the temperature down here has finally dropped low enough to want to do stuff!!!!!! and do stuff I will!!!