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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Have corrected the link to the second new forum, apparently I can't spell!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Update on sizes in Yarnforward

Being of the "fried egg" variety of women, I barely ever look at sizes in magazines! - Which is wrong of me, especially if I am writing about it as a bit of a mini review! - It just doesn't occur to me, and for that I apologise!

So, to rectify the problem, I would like to say that the range of sizes in Yarnforward seems good!! The first pattern knits up to actual garment size of 32", 42" and 52", but there are some notes which say that because of the way the lace is constructed and the bias nature of the fabric, it has a lot of stretch and will therefore fit a wide range of sizes.

The second pattern has a huge size range - x-small - 5X (28" - 62") - that should cover most people!!!

Next pattern is socks so not really relevant (although only one size - woman's medium)

Cardi pattern finished sizes from 36" - 47.75" (Wonder if my tension would ever be good enough to end up with an odd 3/4" on a size?)

Men's Cardi garment size 40.5" - 54.5"

shawl pattern - not relevant

Cropped cardi - 32 " - 46"

I am thinking that the range of sizes is dependent on the original designer? I do seem to remember reading somewhere that next issues model is a realistic size 16, so I do think Kerrie has size in mind!!

Hope that helps a bit

Monday, October 23, 2006

Yarnforward Magazine

I got my copy of Yarnforward on Saturday, and have to say I am really impressed. The articles are nicely written and interesting, and the patterns are good. Various styles so most should find one that they will like. None of the patterns are taken from existing publications, (which is a definite bonus) and all patterns are given with three recommended yarns in three budget categories - Cheap/Middle of the Road/ and Whhoooo Hoooo I'm going to pull in this! (OK those are not what they are called, but this is my blog and I wanna have some fun!!

I'm defintely going to make the cover pattern - "Ariel" and am thinking of maybe getting some cashmere plied up for it - unless I find something else! (Can't think about it yet, must get on with Christmas knitting!)

All in all, I think Kerrie's done an amazing job, and I'm really looking forward to the next issue out in January!

New Forums, Old friends.

For the knitters amongst you, I have added two new forum links to my "Knitting Links" sidebar. Both are still quite young, but friendly and fun.

It's raining today, which is fine! - I managed to walk Spot this morning before the rain started and we had a long, long walk! But why is it that tempers get so frayed in the rain?? I live on a junction, where we have a big set of traffic lights. Now it seems that no-one can possibly wait for another turn of the lights - if their light is green then they are going, no matter if there is no-where for them to go except block everyone else.. . . . . . and then everyone around loses their tempers and sit with their hands on their hooters, not only stressing themselves out, but also everyone around them, including the residents!!!

See all those lovely cars and vans at the top, they are turning right straight into a traffic jam. The lights facing us are about to turn green, and the cars that want to go straight across can't - so they just sit with their hands on their hooters!!!! (Are you getting the idea that I'm fed up with it!) Now we all make mistakes, and I can understand the odd person turning right and not really paying attention to the fact that they aren't goint to be going anywhere. I also know that it is possible that they could end up sitting at their lights all night because we also have the same situation with the cars coming from the right of the picture straight across, (you can't see them, but they're there!!) But this happens every single evening, from around 4:30 to about 6pm, and it drives me nuts!!! - I have contacted the council who say the problem is further up the road to the left (excuse my french, but "No Sh*t, Sherlock !!!") and so there is nothing they can do !!! GRRRRRR!!!

So to ease my nerves and before I hit the beer, here is a beautiful photo taken just above said junction, now why do people not just look up and "breathe" !!!!