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Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Clover….. Love Spot

Dear Clover,

“Hey friend, it’s been a while…. How are you? I’m fine, but Mum says I’m getting fat! I try to tell her that it’s ‘cos we’re not walking so much at the moment, but she keeps cutting down my food portions anyway. – I get my own back though, ‘cos I steal the plums off her tree when she isn’t looking.

Mum has this thing now that she calls a job. I can remember your Mum and mine talking about them a bit in the winter when we walked together (they think we don’t listen, but how else do they think I know when to run off and not get caught for a while…. I’m always listening and waiting for a bit where they seem to be concentrating on what they’re talking about more than what I’m up to – bet you do too)…….. Anyway, I don’t think this “job” thing can be much fun. Mum gets me up proper early these days – before 7am!!!! I mean,. it’s just not decent! I get half an hour in the garden while she puts some weird brown stuff on her face…. And half an hour isn’t nearly enough time to steal plums and chase the chickens. Then off she goes without so much as a whole bonio, and leaves me here on my own. (Mind you at least I get to go back to bed in peace) She gets back about 2, which I reckon is pretty good, but then she’s moaning about having to go to that big food place (No, not Petplanet, the one for humans), and cook dinner, and do the garden, and knit, and catch up with friends on forums and write blogs She says it’s good to have a job for a while cos we can afford some things that we need, but I don’t see a new bed in my area of the house, and I’ve been trying to tell her that what’s important is that we have time to have fun together. We can manage without new carpet, and if she has guests I’d always let them sleep on my bed, really I would. I think she’s getting the idea now though, .…… The thing is really it’s me that’s missing out, I haven’t been walked properly in ages. AND the other thing is she keeps moaning about it being too hot for me to walk ‘cos I run around too much. I try to make her understand that there’s that really big puddle on the big path there, that’s deep enough to go up to my shoulders if I lay down, and I do find that very cooling if I’m a bit hot, but she doesn’t seem to get what I’m saying. I’ve tried to show her quite a few times, but I just don’t think she really “gets it”, and in all honesty she seems to get a bit cross……. I’m only doing what she wants and cooling off? I’ve invited her in plenty of times, but she doesn’t seem to fancy it, can’t understand it myself!

It seems that it might all be back to normal soon though, ‘cos she said to Grandma this week that she had done a sign or something….. no that’s not right…….. a notice that was it. And that come the 25th of September it’ll all be back to normal. Well quite frankly I can’t wait, I mean I’m a working dog, I need to get out and run on these pins, and keep fit and slim, and chase rabbits, and sniff out all sorts. I just NEED to – You understand don’t you Clover? Mind you it isn’t the same walking in the summer time anyway, with all that Bracken all grown up, there aren’t nearly so many places to sniff out and rummage in….. but I’d have been cross and proper grumpy if the autumn and winter came and we didn’t get more walks, and I’d miss seeing you, cos we always catch up again then don’t we?

Guess what, The chickens are in a really big run now, and it’s so much fun. You can stand and watch them for a while, but if you jump up at the wire they get all flustered and try to fly – it’s such a laugh, ‘cos they’re really no good at it. Not like pheasants! I think that’s where I learnt the idea,............ I can remember Dad taking me out in the winter time and I had to make pheasants fly……I did enjoy that! I did try to “fetch” one of the chickens a couple of weeks ago, but Mum didn’t seem all that pleased. – Honestly there’s just no pleasing some people…….. If I don’t bring her the plums I pick she gets cross and if I do bring her the chickens she gets cross…… when they say “it’s a dog’s life” they’re not wrong!

How are your teeth now, are they better? Mum’s been brushing mine, but seriously it’s not fun! – She sticks this great big blue bristly thing in my mouth, with some foamy stuff on that’s supposed to taste of chicken, well that’s a laugh for a start, never smelt a chicken like that before I can tell you. I’ve told her I’ll let her do it if she let’s me sit and watch the chickens in their run at the same time. It seems a fair enough deal to me, and I’ve got away with it so far. I don’t know what the fuss is about though…… teeth brushing for a dog indeed, they’ll be wanting to put sun-block on us next and moisturiser!!

Well, Clover, I hope your Mum let’s you read this, cos it’s taken ages for me to write, my paws are a bit big for this keyboard and I made lots of mistakes.. I do hope we get to walk together again soon… when it’s cooler and Mum doesn’t have the “job” thing, and the bracken is dying back to we can scamper about and play chase.
Ooops almost forgot, Mum says can you tell your Mum, thanks for sponsoring her for that run she did. She was really excited to get the sponsor.. Personally I don't know why she made such a big deal out of it - you and I could do 5Km's before breakfast, but I just kept quiet and let her have her moment of glory!!!

Love Spot.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Aren't friends just the most wonderful and precious gift?

As you know I spent Tuesday with a very dear friend in Norwich. It was such a lovely day, filled with smiles, a little sunshine, and a lot of love. We talked, sat quietly, walked in the garden, and sat by a pond watching damsel flies. Although a Bishop now, I first met Fr Evans, as he was to us girls then, when I was 14 and in the third year at Senior school. He was our school Chaplain, and although wasn't at school full time, could often be found in his little office, with copious supplies of coffee and biscuits... and a tape deck which could be found to be playing anything from Schostakovitch (his choice) to Chris de Burgh (ours !! and I might add before the days of Lady in Red!!!) I am not a Catholic, but as we attended a Catholic school we were expected to attend Mass on days of obligation..... and one such day the sermon has made so much sense to me in my troubled state of being 14, that I went and knocked on his office door some time later to talk about it, and a lifetime of friendship was born. The backbone of the friendship was indeed the spiritual teaching that any Priest will give, but brought to a group of rebellious/hormone stricken teenage girls with such care and thought for how life was for us at that difficult age. He taught us to be passionate about our beliefs, whatever they were.... to listen with our hearts and never to judge, and those were rules he lived his life by as our Chaplain.

As years have gone by our friendship has remained strong.... we don't get to see each other often, but when we do we easily lapse into the quiet, serene company that has always been our way.

... and so you see this man has not only taught me about faith, and belief and trust.... but he has also taught me how to be a friend (although I sadly fall short of his measure, but I try!)... and also he has shown me what to look for in a friend. One that listens with an open heart, and never judges........

I am the luckiest girl around.... I have friends in blogland, on forums and "in person" who all seem to live their lives by these values. On my Poultry forum a fairly new member has just had surgery, and to see the effort and love that has gone into supporting him and his young family through the last couple of weeks has been an honour to be part of. On the crafty forum there is so much support for so many things and all done with such love and goodwill, and throughout blogland I have seen so many instances of friends rallying round to support someone who needs to hear some words of comfort, often people they have never met in real life.

So I want to take this time to thank you all for being my friends, and to thank your friends in turn for being there for you. The world would be a sad and lonely place without you all, and I cherish each and every one of you. x

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Squirrel.... my ar............FOOT!!!!!

Sorry people it wasn't a squirrel, it is indeed a SQUASH!

I have started a blanket for my sister's bump! I'm thinking it won't be finished until "bump" is about 18, but hey maybe I can start a new university craze!!! Because I'm lazy and don't want to sew in too many ends I'm knitting it in squares but picking up the stitches on the side of the just finished square to start the new one. It means that the sock yarn will be pooled across the blanket rather than individual squares, but assuming I do finish it before he/she is 18, he/she probably won't notice!!!!! It's just the right weather for this mindless kind of knitting, no thought, no concentration...... just keep going!

I'm also knitting a clapotis in some left over chenille - I don't know if I like it - bit like when I was knitting Sahara in it really, but it's something to do and it's easy knitting for this weather. I'm obviously in a blanket/throw/shawl/shrug mood!!!

Did anyone see the F1 GP today? I have to say that although I think Lewis Hamilton is the most amazing rookie driver we have seen - possibly ever...... I was a bit dismayed to hear the british media permanently going on about Alonso having held him up yesterday and what a bad sportsman Alonso is etc etc etc, when if you read the press conference with Ron Dennis, it was Lewis' blatent refusal to obey team orders in Q3 yesterday which caused the kerfuffle. I'm not saying Alonso was blameless - we don't know, and as the stewards penalised him there must have been good reason. BUT if Lewis had done as he was told the situation would not have arisen. I'm not saying whether what he did was right or wrong, he made a driver's decision. BUT I did get a bit sick of hearing about him being totally done wrong by.... when it was at least partly his own fault. Still he won the race and that was awesome. He is truly a talented driver and I hope that he will bring British Motor Racing back into the fore again!