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Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Blog!

I've started a new blog in readiness for some winter reading for you all!

Golden Fleece Gazette

I'm just off to make a button!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life as we know it

Well as Miss Spot has told you - I have indeed "done a notice" !! - and much relieved I am too, I can tell you! I have agreed to finish the three months, but also said that I would accept a week's notice from them in the meantime if they find someone else, or just don't have enough for me to do - well you gotta hope haven't you?!!!

Today I got home from work and tackled a few veg patch necessaries! - I've trimmed all the leaves off my tomato plant as it's had fruit on it for ages now, but they're not turning ripe 'cos they're not getting enough sun. I hope with the demise of the leaves that a few more rays will penetrate and I'll get some lovely ruby red tomms! - My courgettes are all but finished now - I never weigh my veg but I reckon I've had in excess of 25 fruits, and they're just beginning to get a bit soft before they ripen, so one plant has been taken up to give the other one more room, but I don't really expect much more in the way of "quality" from it!!!! The runner beans are also pretty much finished, but I've had loads and I did plant them really early this year. The onions were pulled up by MrNoo earlier in the week, they were a little small, but there is still so much rain that we decided it was as well to get them up on a good dry day, all the leaves had bent over a good few weeks ago so I doubt they'd have done much more. - They've been hung in the shed, so I'm hoping the resident mice don't fancy them! The carrots are amazing - I have a huge crop and they are so tasty. Definitely one of the season's successes. And the squash is doing well. The one in the photo the other day has turned golden, and there is definitely one more which is going to be a great one! - I can't quite find the others in amongst all the foliage, so who knows - but I do love a good surprise!

Unfortunately we haven't got out for a walk "again" today as it started raining as soon as I'd stopped for a cup of tea from the gardening. I'm sure it's a plan that whenever I'm in work the weather is OK, and the minute I leave (or shortly thereafter) the heaven's open! Still, no work at all tomorrow so we will go out whatever the weather!!!!

I got a great deal on good old ebay last week. 18 patterns for £12 incl. p&p. I haven't sewn anything since I was at school (and that was excruciatingly slow and painful - and it was only a flippin' apron) but I really fancy having a go, and thought if I had a few patterns and some fabric knocking around then one wet weekend I could make myself something! - Well it might happen!

I haven't managed to take a decent photo of the Muskat cardigan yet, but I will soon. It doesn't look quite how I wanted. It's a bit wider than I had anticipated, but it's one of those things that you could never judge as you were knitting it, cos it's all in one piece. It's very pretty, I had just envisaged it being a little "slimmer"!!!! - But a photo soon, when mrNoo has 5 mins!

Right, Spot wants her dinner, and I'm being hassled by her big brown begging eyes!