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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Two new ladies

Hoping DNphw will come up with some names when he visits next week. These are Rhode Island Red/Light Sussex crosses. They are the friendliest girls I've ever met, and are more than happy to be held and stroked (unlike the other two miserable old ladies) I didn't mean to get them (*blushes*) , but a local farm supplier sells them for only £6.75 and as Bea and Molly are not laying due to moulting (they'll be "oven ready" if they carry on much longer) I have realised that 2 isn't enough, and although I plan to hatch in the next month or so, the babies won't be laying for around 6 months. And I do miss my lovely eggs! (can't quite bring myself to buy them in the supermarket now) Although I won't get very many through the winter, I'm hoping that with 4 hens I should get enough for me! The hybrids are supposed to be really good layers and as they are just coming up to point-of-lay now, they should go through the winter giving me a few!!

Pluckingham Palace

There are also two new residents, but blogger/my broadband won't play and load the other photos.... might try to do it via the phone later!

Also, I'd just like to say that I have read all 109 new blog posts this morning, and I'm afraid I didn't comment on any as a) broadband still a bit slow so it was quicker to read them in my bloglines, and b) there were just too many. But I did love reading it all.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Still no broadband :(

Tiscali phoned me yesterday to say it was all working again, as there had been some work done on the exchange. They lied!!!

So here I am at work, and thought I'd just do a quick update in case it doesn't get fixed for the weekend. So no photos I'm afraid, but I'll try to be descriptive ;)

Firstly the bank holiday weekend was great. It seems like such a long time ago now so I can't really remember what it consisited of, but I think mostly knitting and gardening!

Then there was the lawnmower incident! - There I was home from work and it was a nice afternoon - perfect for cutting the lawn. Out came the mower in went the plug - round went the blade, for a moment..... then nothing, it was stuck. Flipped the mower upside down and ...oooops..... a new method of mouse eradication. :( I cried !!! (Mr Noo laughed at me when I told him!) This would not be my chosen method or reducing the mouse population. I only hope it was quick.

Spot's brother has been round to play a few times - that's been fun! They are so totally different in character and I am sure most of it is down the basic differences between men and women! Spot is a proper woman, very independent, generally quiet and very peaceful at home (usually asleep) but her moods can be deadly (as Dodge found out when he fancied a kiss and cuddle!) She couldn't care less if you cuddle her or not, and only does what she's told if it fits in with her plans. Dodge on the other hand is a little sweetheart. Will sit at your feet for hours waiting to do something to please you. He loves nothing more than a pat on the head or even better to get up on the couch with you and snuggle in! He's obedient because he wants to please you, and if he gets told off you can you see how hurt he is in his eyes. He is a bloomin' fidget though, permanently plodding about. Nowhere near as restful as Spot. It's funny to see them together and see their differences.

On the knitting front I have started the new "Sunday Cardi" and ..... wait for it....... I'm going to steek the front :o The pattern, which if you remember had some colourwork on it, is written for steeking, and I ummed and ahhhed about it for a while. But sometimes you just have to get on and have a go, and as it's only for an indoor cardi...... well, what can possibly go wrong ! (watch this space!)

Finally, we've also made another chicken house to go in the new run, I've made a definite decision to hatch new chicks to keep the flock at an optimum size. I was going to buy Point-of-Lay but they can be expensive and with hatching I can get them used to being handled etc. And once I've paid for the incubator and equipment I'll have it "forever". Piccies of the new house as soon as the internet is up again at home.

I'm sure there are other things to tell you all, but because I'm at work, I can't think of it all at the minute!

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am still alive!

No broadband at home so no posts - and I've got so much to tell you!!!!! But you'll have to wait!

Hope you're all having fun!