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Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a beautiful day

This morning we have woken up to the thickest frost, and brilliant sunshine. The sky is a cloudless winter blue, and it's enough in itself to put a great big smile on your face! We will be going out for a long walk in a little while, but in the meantime here is Spot first thing in the morning.
Then she came in to warm her tootsies by the radiator!
The sock yarn blanket is finished for now. At around 1 metre square it's plenty big enough for a newborn, so I've braided one end, and just put a row of double crochet along the other end, so I can easily unpick that later next year and make it bigger. With all this chilly weather I think my sister has more need of it now!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Swindon to meet some of the Crafty girls. A day of knitting and giggling I expect! Now that I've finished the blanket though I'm not sure what to take to knit!

Have a great weekend everyone. x

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I was so good!

I only bought the new Stitch 'n' Bitch for men book! - *polishes halo*

It was a fabulous day though, and I met so many people that I know from forums or blogland. Thanks to Joy and Franney for spending most of the day with me, - it was so nice to do it with such great company. Also I got to meet Glynis (who I think is blogless :( ) , Woolly Wormhead, DianeM, Jane, Lixie, and badger. There were plenty of other people there too that I had come across in my internet rambles!!!!

We were saying that whilst in the normal world there are supposed to be 6 (is it 6?) degrees of separation, we believe that in the world of knitting there are only 2, you either know the person (in an internet way ;) ) yourself, or you know someone that does! Small world!