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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting - Finally

Well here it is:

I'm not hugely happy with the way I've made it - I had to change the sizing quite a bit cos it was too big, and I made it longer...... what with putting it down and making all my little Christmas knits in the middle, i think it all went a bit pear shaped (should keep better notes) Notably the top of the sleeves were a tad wide for the armholes so they've gathered a bit - a la 80's !!!! But as it was only ever for snuggling at home or dog-walking it will suit it's purpose well. (It's very warm) I'll try to get a modelled shot soon - it does look a little better on than draped over the arm of a chair! I am however really chuffed with the finished steek:

I crocheted up either side of the center stitch before cutting it, and have folded the edge down and trapped all the loose ends in and stitched it.

Next on the agenda is Mavis (from naturally noro ) knitted in DB Aran Tweed which I bought from Murdo . back almost done!

Edited to add: a link for Naturally Noro above for Queenofthefroggers!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bad Blogger!

I'm sorry it's been so long - did you miss me????

The tummy bug was swiftly followed by a cold, so i've been self-nurturing for a while! I am so rarely ill these days that it all caught me a little by surprise, but I'm definitely on the mend now, and to be honest it wasn't so bad. I'm really Lucky that I can rest up as soon as there's a sign of anything untoward and that coupled with a few gentle dog-walks to keep the fresh air around seem to send most germs on their way pretty quickly!

So did you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year? I did, i got some fabulous presents and we all had a really lovely Christmas day at my Mum & Dad's.

So now we are storming into 2008! I have finished my Sunday cardi and will post pics soon. it's not the best knit I've ever made, but it is fine for a house cardigan, which is what I wanted. I just need to find some buttons for it......

i have plenty of knitting plans for 2008.... a jumper (started last night) a hoodie or two, and some socks. Plus I really fancy having a go at a sock yarn Clapotis to wear as a scarf.

In other news, the rest of the family are fine! - Spot disgraced herself slightly over Christmas by squeezing through my Mum's wrought iron gate that keeps the pooches in the kitchen and away from the new baby nephew..... not once, but three times!!!!! i have no idea how she did it, I would say the bars are less than 12" apart, but she did..... I obviously need to feed her up a bit! the chooks are good too, but the rodent problem has become more of a "problem" as the cold weather has struck and the rodent population of Guildford seems to have heard that there's free board and lodging at Noo's!!!! - There are definite signs of rats as well as mice - and i have woken up this morning to find that a mole has dug his way across my garden ! GRRRRR! I hate to be cruel, but they will have to be dealt with now before the weather warms up. :( i want my garden back!!! - Oh and pigeons have eaten my entire purple broccoli bed while I was away for just 2 days at Christmas - absolutely scalped it!!!!! (I know I should have covered it, but it's easy to be clever in hindsight!)

I also have another part time job. Working from home (Yay!) and for people that I have known for many years and have worked with in the past, so all is good..... but it does mean a little less time for blogging and internet surfing. So please bear with me! There may be fewer comments on your blogs as I pay flying visits, but I will still be reading! (so no talking about me!)

Sorry there's no photos today - I've run out of battery!!!! (well my camera has, although that phrase probably does describe me these past few weeks!) but I will get some taken for the blog soon - honest!