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Monday, March 24, 2008

A touch chilly!

Well most of Britain has been blasted by 3" of fallen snow - not so here :( We got some snow showers yesterday but nothing really stayed. It is flippin freezing though. My sister and I have been out running this morning and although we warmed up nicely with the jogging the tops of my legs were ice cold to the touch when I got home. We're doing well and on week 3 of the couch potato plan but we need to keep up now to be on target for running the whole 5km's on 7th June. We have 10 weeks, and it's a 9 week plan and we're on week 3...... but as made apparent by my Bump the other week, things can go wrong and we don't want to leave it til the last minute to be running for 30 mins. And it's flippin' hard when it's so darn cold out!!!!!

In this weather there really is only one thing for it!!!! :-


Firstly I finished my Express Lane socks from the new online magazine The Inside Loop . I modified the pattern by knitting a slipstich heel ('cos I like them!) and shortening the leg by one pattern repeat. I also did a sewn bind off (bottom of that page!) because I am wholeheartedly sick of socks that I have cast on or off too tightly!!!! - These are perfect, very, very stretchy. And the yarnover method of short rows is so much neater than the wrap and turn. - Great pattern.Secondly, I have started a Central Park Hoodie. I am knitting the second size, and have modded the pattern to allow for a little waist shaping as I really need a fitted cardi at the moment. I also will be putting buttons on it as I've seen loads on Ravelry with buttons and think that looks best. (Jo028's is one of my faves but she hasn't blogged about it yet - when she does I'll link to it!!! But she has made some great cardi's lately so you should check out her blog!) The back is coming up spot on size so it will be a snug fit, but I can always make the fronts the next size up if I feel like I want more ease when it's done.

Well I do hope you're all keeping warm. Happy Easter!