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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look Mum.... A Collar!!

OK there are plenty of mistakes - and "could-be-better"s but it's mine and I made it and I'm Proud!!!

In other news I got a birthday present today from my Great Aunt! - It's a fab Willow trug and a Arbutus Unedo

Lookie what does fit in the trug!!! (and yes there is more upstairs!!!! *blushes*) Well that makes a pretty picture til we get some summer and I can use it to bring in my veggies (if they ever grow!) In fact the way the girls are going - I could use it to bring in the eggs!!!! ;)

Ah well best go tidy up now - all this sewing doesn't 'alf make a mess!!!

Monkeys........ Done!

Well another pair of socks is finished. Here are No-Purl Monkeys by Cookie.A. (basically that pattern but knitting all purl stitches on the chart)

Knit in Opal Neon - on 2.5mm clover bamboo DPN's. Mods to pattern - only 5 repeats on leg instead of 6.

(Really must learn to tidy up before I take photos - but as you can see I'm about to start work!!!)

Now................ what to knit next?????????????

Monday, May 26, 2008

I did it - and it's OK!

Well here we are (Please do excuse the state of the mirror and the room it is reflecting! - the mirror was rescued from "behind everything" which shows!)

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be - although I wish they wrote the patten instructions for people that would be using them! - I mean I expect if you're a seasoned sewer then you'd never use the instructions as it would all seem obvious, so why not write them for beginners ! - even Ikea instructions are easier to follow!!! Still it's finished and it's wearable so that's ok! - There are mistakes but that was the point of buying cheap fabric so I am happy enough....... in fact I might even make something else today !!! (well the weather is pants so I sure as heck won't be venturing outside!!