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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Today I ..........

Patchworked (is patchwork a verb??) and Quilted!!!

It was a kit bought a year or so ago from an EBay shop - Material Pleasures.  I haven't really done it total justice, as I have discovered I don't really have the patience for patchworking.!! so there are a few crooked lines. But it'll make a lovely cushion cover, and it's all quilted too so will be extra comfy!
It's funny really, I have no patience issues with knitting, I will knit jumpers and long coats with no problems whatsoever, but once I get a sewing machine out I expect to have a finished object in 2 hours or less!!! Ah well it's good to know these things about ourselves I guess.

Monday, November 03, 2008

November already???

How did that happen?  Seriously I know they say life travels faster as you get older, but I swear it was only 2 weeks ago that it was last Christmas??  (Luckily the magic of re-reading my blog prooves this is not the case and in fact I have had a good and quite full year!)

So just quickly.  Flicca  is almost finished (you didn't know I was making that did you!)  I changed the very top from 1x1 ribbing to stocking stitch as I knew I wouldn't like the rib at the top, and it is gorgeous! Made in Jaeger Extra fine merino chunky.   I haven't done the second button band as I haven't managed to find buttons to work on it yet and I want the button holes to be in the right place - and fit!  but it's all done apart from that...... photos as soon as buttons present themselves!  (Do you think if I wait in, they'll just knock on the door and say "Hi, we're the right buttons for your cardi!")

have started a long pullover in some green aran wool/ acrylic mix from a Noro book. I couldn't decide what to make and that yarn has been sat in my stash (which is now somewhat depleted) for sometime since I bought it from Melody, so it sort of decided itself.

Chicks are growing great guns and are getting their feathers.  No photos today cos it's a bit nippy to let them out, but sometime this week I'll show you how they've grown.

Spot is adorable as ever, I have taken to lighting a fire in the sitting room over the weekend as it was sooooo cold, and we sat on the floor together all snuggled up (mind you I always ended up furthest from the fire!!)

So there you have it, all is well and snuggley chez noo......... now if we could just slow down time a bit!