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Monday, May 25, 2009

OK I lied….

There was no way I could keep away once she brought them out into the sunshine.   - Photo’s are clickable (I hope) thanks to the genius of Windows Live writer, but only taken with my phone so not amazing.
Trying to get all 5 together proved a bit of a test.



The final chick count is 5!!! – I am very happy. They all seem healthy and happy and are eating and drinking and snuggling under Mum.  Unfortunately in my eagerness to watch them yesterday and keep lifting the lid off the hen house, I have put my back out. So no more photos for a couple of days as I need both hands to hold me upright!

The back ache has also scuppered any idea I had of going to the Surrey County Show, which is practically in my back garden, so I am a bit miffed. 

Enjoy your bank holiday everyone.